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The Cheapest European Countries For Tourism

Tourism is the mainstay of economic countries, because of the wealth of the country, which will contribute to the reconstruction of the country and improve the living conditions of the population. Since the European continent is the most desirable part of the world to explore its nature and landmarks, enjoy amazing tourist trips and often enjoy shopping, several questionnaires and studies on the cheapest European countries have been carried out. Balkans ranked first, followed by Bulgaria and Romania And Cyprus.

The cheapest European countries for tourism

This is a list of countries in europe to travel to on a budget made by my friend at Direct Service Overhead who has European heritage. He says traveling there does not have to destroy your bank account. Great!


 The cost of living in the city of Kyiv, for example, does not exceed $ 50 per day per person, due to the high levels of inflation resulting from the large decline of the Ukrainian currency because of the war that has been going on since the year two thousand and four ten.


It is a pleasure to travel to Europe, especially for the city of Krakow, where the ancient and cheap historical city, as well as the capital, Warsaw, which is famous for roaming through horse-drawn vehicles.


In the city of Sofia in particular, where it is considered a tourist city wonderful, cheap prices for those who like to shop them, and is characterized by being given special attention to tourists in terms of reception and welcome.


Especially its capital, Belgrade, which entered the field of competition to take place among the tourist countries, as an attraction for tourists, to enjoy the cheapest prices, especially nightlife.


With the recognition of everyone who has visited this country, Budapest is a great destination for anyone who wants to travel to it. It is rich in monuments and contains many castles that still bear witness to the civilizations that followed it, as well as the cathedrals, monasteries, museums and cheap resorts.

Czech Republic

Prague is in the forefront of tourist cities, but recently the cost of tourism services has increased significantly, followed by the city of Cesky Krislov overlooking the crooked river, a natural Dora with its beautiful scenery, especially the old town, which still preserves its traditions and historical heritage.  It is a tourist attraction despite the small number of tourists who visit it compared to the city of Prague.


Its cities are dominated by the sea, which is one of the most important factors attracting tourists to it. As Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is an internal city, the prices are still relatively cheap, and the tourists go to the Plitvice lakes and other coastal cities.


This Mediterranean island, where historical originality is mixed with modernity, is characterized by a significant drop in the price of shopping, especially on consumer goods.

 other countries

  • Romania: The old town of Bucharest is an attractive tourist destination, with destinations from all over the world due to low tourism costs.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Is also one of the Balkan countries of low cost, charming nature between the mountains and valleys, especially in the city of Sarajevo.

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Some Random Travel Info For The Aspiring Traveler

The concept of travel reflects the transfer of man from one place to another place for a particular purpose. It is a human activity carried out by man during different times of the year and to different places with different motivations, and from travel sections: internal travel which is within the borders of the country and foreign travel, Travel abroad to the other countries, whether neighboring or distant, and travel using a variety of means such as trains, aircraft, cars, and others, be air travel, or land, or sea, and in this article we will talk about some general information related to travel with some clarification and For details.

Travel visa

The entry permit for a country is not allowed. The duration of residence in the country to which it is intended is limited to a certain date on the visa, and special conditions can be obtained by submitting applications and papers through the country’s embassy or consulate.

 Types of travel and its objectives

For travel types, and their diversity depending on the diversity of the target, as follows:

 Religious travel: It aims to go to places of religious nature with the aim of worship such as Mecca, Medina, Minoura, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and others.

Cultural Travel: It aims to attend conferences, seminars, and various meetings. Treatment travel: in order to obtain treatment unavailable in the mother country of disease.

 Exploratory travel: It means the travel through which man learn about the civilizations and cultures of other people.

 Scientific travel: travel that aims to complete education in a scientifically developed and technological country, for example.

Economic travel: to find jobs and jobs with the aim of improving the standard of living.

 Forced travel: travel that a person is forced to do to escape crises, wars, famines, and others.

Travel for recreation: which aims to break boredom and renewal and get rid of routine.

 Places to travel

 Some places are characterized by the presence of attractive elements of travel and tourism, where it owns all or most of the attractions of tourism, and mention of these areas:

 Paris and Disneyland cities in different countries of tourist and entertainment importance.

 London and the United States of America, where people are traveling because of the reputation of their prestigious and prestigious universities.

Mecca and Jerusalem of religious significance, in which the religious character of the Islamic religions and Christianity.

Singapore It is a global business hub and offers amazing tourist attractions, food and cultural experiences and is suitable for both budget and luxury travelers.

 Germany and Jordan of therapeutic importance, due to the availability of the elements of treatment such as advanced hospitals and medical areas such as springs.

Japan and China are of technological, scientific and functional importance, and people travel to them in search of work.

 The islands of Mauritius, Bahamas and the Maldives are of recreational interest, and sometimes people travel to their honeymoon for example.

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Helpful Tip on Stress Less, Travel More

Traveling everywhere in the world can be exciting, fun, adventurous and a learning process. Even if you live in a vibrant city or have a very active social life, traveling can help you to be more satisfied.

Visiting different places all around the world can help you see what their daily routines are like, how they live, and so on thus learning many new things and have a broader view. However, many times tourists face lots of complications during the journey. This article is going to discuss some of the international travel tips that will narrow down those complications.

Right Papers

First and foremost, it is mandatory for all travelers to have passports, visas and other relevant documents such as IDs or any other identification papers. When traveling, it is highly advisable to be in touch with your embassy because you will get help in case of an emergency. And also, foreign countries have different agencies which you must check and obtain the required information on how to contact who and where in case of emergency.

Country Laws and Customs

Familiarizing with laws and customs rules and regulation of the location is good to avoid any misunderstanding with local people. Information on things like rules on currency exchange, general rules on smoking and alcohol, traffic violation penalties, dress code, and many more, should be clear upfront before touring the place.

Remember, you’re a guest in that country, and people have different behavior when they see a foreigner so learn how to be friendly while respecting their ways.

Health Issues

In general, health is important because you never know what might happen especially when traveling. Check if your medical insurance policy if it covers your health expenses in other countries or not. Try looking for other options if your medical insurance does not offer such services.

Also, try and find out if there is an epidemic in the country or not and get the required vaccination. Never forget to check the level of pollution of places you wish to travel to because there are places which are very polluted than where you are from and therefore, helping you prepare when you pack your things.

Political Situation in the Country

Get reliable information by either reading the local newspaper or watching local news channel and check the current situation of the country before you go there. Some countries are going through political unrest. Terrorism is also a major threat, which requires right preparations and needs proper documents in such emergency cases.


If you want to relax during your trip, then it is essential to read and re-read all the rules and regulations on the country you wish to travel to save yourself from the hassles and other headaches. Also, don’t forget to pack medicine if you are under medication. And make sure to check the dress code of every country.